Xerox – Cutting Edge Data & Printer Security

Xerox exceeds industry standards for security technologies and features. Security is the highest priority for Xerox, as it is for every business owner. Therefore, Xerox equips all its products with Connectkey Technology. This technology is a holistic approach to ensuring comprehensive security. It encompasses total protections for all your system components, focusing on any vulnerability point. 


This technology has a comprehensive set of security capabilities. It prevents any malicious attacks or malware. Any unauthorized misuse of your devices is prohibited with this feature. All access points are well-protected with access controls and user authentication. 


The technology runs a competent firmware verification test. It does so either at start-up, or when the users with authorized control activate it. It generates alerts if any harmful changes to your device settings are detected. 

The Whitelisting technology provided by McAfee can continuously detect, monitor and prevent malicious malware from operating within your network.

Moreover, Cisco ISE integration automatically detects any Xerox devices present on the network. It categorizes them as copiers and printers for security compliance and implementation. 


Protection capabilities prevent any intentional or unintentional transmission of data to unauthorized parties. Therefore, documents are not released until an authorized user signs in. Scanned information is kept safe from any unauthorized users. This also protects any stored information with the help of the highest level of encryption. 

Any data that has been processed or stored in the past but can be deleted. To achieve this, Xerox uses algorithms, the assistance of NIST (National Institute of Standards & Technology), and US DoD (Department of Defense).

External partnerships

Integration with Cisco and McAfee, Xerox’s external partners in data security, solidifies protection. Together, they assess their performance using international standards. FIPS 140-2 and Common Criteria ensure that all devices are in secure environments. 

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