How To Save Money On Copying

Small businesses have so many fees starting out. It’s important to try to save money in every way that you can. The more you can put back into your business is the better. An easy way to contribute to saving money is to save on printing. At first, you can spend more than you need to on copying if you do not know what you are doing. Learning how to save on print costs is essential so that you can get more out of your copier.

Lease companies tend to make money on overselling prints. Don’t fall into the trap of paying too much for prints. Most of the time unused prints are lost, they do not roll over for the next month. This means whatever you do not use, the lease company is making that extra money off of you. There is usually a discount offered to buy more and it sounds like a great deal, but it’s not usually worth the extra charge if you’re not using it.

Usually, you’re spending hundreds more every month that you’ll never use. If you know how much you are using then you should only purchase the amount you are using. If you’re not sure, you can start out small and always add in more later. A great rule of thumb is to calculate your busiest month and buy eighty percent of that for all months. You can always buy more if you need it, but you can’t get any back if you over order prints.