Time for a Copier Upgrade

Is your copier still performing like you need it to? Has your business grown passed the abilities of your old office machine? If so, then it’s probably time for a copier upgrade.

Getting an upgrade on your copier can be an exciting moment for a business. This is a time to negotiate a great contract and get something that can truly invigorate the flow of your company. However, there are some things you are going to want to think about.


  • Do you want to work with the same company? If so, then you are probably in a good spot. Your leasing company already knows you so they are often more likely to want to work together. They also may not have a problem with upgrading in the middle of the lease that you already have.
  • Why do you need to upgrade? Is your print speed too slow? Has your business grown passed what your machine can handle? Figuring out the biggest reasons that you need a copier upgrade can really help you make decisions when it comes to choosing your new machine.
  • Did you plan enough for your businesses future? Many times people experience the need for an upgrade because they did not plan ahead enough. Copier leases often go for around 5 years, and you can expect your business to change in that time. If you outgrew your machine then you might want to consider planning ahead a little more this time around.


You can also get help by reaching out to our team at Copier Boise. We can help you find the best new copier upgrade for your business so you can get back to working the way you like