Long Term vs Short Term Copier Leases

If you are thinking about a copier lease then figuring out what machine you want is only part of the equation. You also want to make sure you are signing up for the right lease length. There are some differences between long term and short term leases, and you want to choose a lease length that fits your business needs the most.

Long Term Leases

When we say long term leases we are talking about 60 month leases. This is the basic standard for copier leases for a number of reasons. When you lease is longer you will be paying less per month, which is the biggest draw. However, you are not able to upgrade your machine very often. You have to wait 5 years before you are able to get the newest and best machines for your business. It also means that you are contractually obligated to fulfill your contract for that period of time, even if you don’t know where your business is going.

Short term Leases

Short term copier leases are usually between 24-36 months. These give you more freedom to upgrade your machine more frequently. It also allows you to plan differently knowing that you won’t necessarily be locked in for additional years. You will also probably not have to worry about big technical problems or serious breakdwons. However, your monthly prices will be a good amount higher than if you had a longer lease.

Choosing a good copier lease isn’t always easy to do alone. That’s why you should reach out to our great staff at Boise Copier .We can help get you a copier lease that is sure to make you happy.