Shipping: What to do at the End of your Copier Lease

Do you know what is required of you when your copier lease ends? Many people pay too little attention to what’s expected of them at the end of their lease. They think that their leasing company will simply pick up their machine once their lease ends, payments stop and that’s the end of the relationship. However, it is usually not that easy.

One of the biggest areas that people don’t think about is shipping their copier at the end of their lease. Many people are surprised to learn that their leasing company may not be responsible for shipping your copier. Some salespeople may even initially not be very clear about this part of your lease as a way to make you sign with them again.

Leasing companies have relationships with the shipping companies. It costs them far less to ship than it would cost you, and they know this. Shipping a copier can cost hundreds of dollars from your pocket, which can be difficult if you weren’t expected it. Your leasing company may offer to ship your copier away if you sign with them for another contract. If you don’t like your company then this is basically trying to force you into another lease.

Look back in your lease and figure out what your responsibilities are. If you need to ship the copier yourself then you should consider setting up shipping early to make sure you are getting the best deals. Don’t wait to figure this out or it may lead to a hefty charge somewhere down the road.