Save money: Track your Copier’s Usage

There are so many things to keep track of when running a business. Sometimes, things like office supplies can fall by the wayside in comparison to other day-to-day business. However, copiers are a daily necessity, and thus, a lot of money can be lost if you aren’t paying attention. To save money in your office its important to consider who is tracking your copiers usage.

One option is to assign someone as the copier manager. This should be a person who can keep organized and recognize patterns in usage. They should be able to handle the extra responsibility and be good at following spending patterns. They can help you figure out the best options for monthly print purchases and help you limit waste.

Another option is to hire a managed print service provider. They will monitor everything that happens with your copier and be able to give you detailed reports. They will be dedicated to letting you know everything that happens in your copier and give you peace of mind as someone will always have your back.

Whenever you have monthly consumables there will be a place to save money. Paper and ink costs can really add up, especially if you aren’t thinking about them. Always buying impulsively when you run out of products is inefficient. If you track your usage then you will never have a surprise. It’s the only true way to stay on top of everything that is happening in your office.