Why Warm Up Time is Important

When shopping for an office copier it is important to make sure that it can handle the jobs that you need done. When considering this many people look at print speed as the way to reference how efficient it is. While print speed is important to consider, we want to help you understand why warm up time is important to consider as well.

Warm up time is the time it takes for your copier to prepare itself to start working. This is largely ignored but people who only think that print speed matters.

Print speed is the time it takes for your copier to produce the copies. Print speed is always faster in black and white prints, and is referenced in Prints Per Minute.

What most people do not consider is that if you have a copier with a slow warm up time that you could actually be wasting more time waiting to print than you would waiting for the prints to come out. You could be losing more of your workday just waiting to try and get something started.

It’s all about finding a machine that fits your businesses’ needs. If you work in a busy law firm where the printer never stops the warm up time doesn’t matter as much. However, if you work at a small family business then a long warm up time could be wasting your time.

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