Used or New Copier?

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We all know that one of the most important pieces of equipment in your office is your copier. Have you have been leasing a copier with us for a few years and have finally saved enough capitol to invest in your own? We will be happy to work with you! We sell both used and new copiers in the Boise area. How do you know which is a better decision for your business?  Should you buy a used or new copier? 

Of course, most dealers will do their best to convince you to buy a new copier. It’s better for their bottom line but is it best for yours? The truth is, most used copiers are former leased copiers. If you’ve been leasing for any amount of time, you know that your lease probably included a great service contract. This ensures that the leased copier has been maintained well and is in great working condition. In deciding whether to buy a used or new copier, keep this in mind- whether used or new, we offer the best products and want you to keep working with us no matter whether you buy used or new!

On the other hand, there are probably some instances where buying new is a better investment. One of the main reasons is the vintage of the copier machine in question. Clearly, you don’t want to buy a 12 year old copier when the technology has changed so drastically in that time. If the technology is similar, buying a used or new copier can really come down to price, motivation and terms. We will do our best to fulfill all of these to your specifications. Give us a call today!