Tips for Buying a Copier

When buying a copier for your business, church or professional practice, you have to look out for buying mistakes. For example, many business owners complain that their current copier cannot sustain the demands of their business. What happened? In this situation, what happened is the copier company undersold the copier, and they were unable to keep up with the demands. This is why you have to do some calculations of your own. Look at your monthly print volume and ask yourself if that copier will keep up with the demands of your business.

Part of multifunction printer closeup

Before buying a copier, you have to also look at whether your business will grow over the next four to five years. You may have signed a service agreement four years ago for 20,000 prints, but now you find yourself copying more than 80,000 pages per month. If that’s the case, you have seen significant growth at your business. You cannot really blame the salesperson, other than they did not ask the customer about their growth expectations.

Next, keep in mind that manufacturers have a tendency to exaggerate the copies per month for their machines. Understanding that, you may have to purchase a second machine to sustain the print volume of your business. This lifts the burden from the first copier, and it reduces the chances that you will have service issues with your first copier.